What’s in a Name?

While on the surface the name Gem stands alone as an indication of something valued and precious and well worthy of care, which would certainly define our students. As an acronym it is a set of values that is at the core of the work we do and the culture that our program is built on.


As a core value Gratitude not only touches on the theme of thanks but also humility. To understand the role of gratitude it is probably important to understand its inverse, which is entitlement.  With entitlement, there is no achievement  (because I am worthy). With entitlement there is no humility or ability to handle setbacks. (because I deserve) And with entitlement there is no appreciation (because nothing is scarce).

A challenge from a point of entitlement  is singular disappointment because “I don’t have what I already deserve”.

Conversely from a point of gratitude, with each challenge, gratitude becomes the multiplier:

  • Thankful for the opportunity to grow
  • Thankful for the support of those who helped
  • Thankful for the strength to persevere
  • And thankful for what I achieved

This works toward creating a graced life of abundance

we can’t put value in things we don’t appreciate… and that appreciation starts with our opportunity to change.


Too many times in our life there is hurt or blame that we take on ourselves, that has nothing to do with us. This guilt or hurt acts as an anchor to keep us stuck in the past and taking ownership of something we don’t completely understand. We use empathy to work to understand others and situations in another way as to allow us to own what is ours and nothing more.

Empathy is our first step in understanding, understanding is our first step in forgiveness, and forgiveness is our first step of healing.


Mission as a Gem value is the culmination of a decade of research, experience and shared insight proving it’s crucial to have a transcendent purpose, a mission larger than yourself.

Often a student’s strengths (and potential) exceed simply the purpose of maintaining weight loss and the student becomes uninspired. We aspire to help the student create opportunities that their strengths are challenged and opportunities expanded in a way that the maintenance of their health is a facet of their overall achievement and ascension.

What we have done will always stand in pale comparison to what we are doing.