The Most Clinically Sophisticated and EFFECTIVE Health Management Intervention Available for Teens

Our approach is comprehensive but our mission is simple: to empower our students to take control of their emotional and physical health once and for all.

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As a core value Gratitude not only touches on
the theme of thanks but also on humility.

Too many times in our life there is hurt or blame that
we take on ourselves and has nothing to do with us.

It’s crucial to have a transcendent purpose,
a mission larger than yourself.

The Gem Academy Format

Gem Academy is the only long-term immersion program in the country for teens. Living in the environment is the absolute best and most effective way to treat weight issues for long-term success with nearly a 100% effectiveness rate.

Testimonials From Former Parents

“Thank you for helping to save our daughter. That’s exactly what you did when we sent her to you at the age of 16, tremendously overweight, terribly unhappy and desperately seeking herself.”

“I can attest that the impact on my daughter and my family is priceless. You may not know this but when my daughter first asked me if she could attend this type of program, she called me and indicated she needed to go do this so that she would not die before I do. Those words still resonate in my head on an almost daily basis, and I am very appreciative as to the good work you and others did to ensure the tools were made available to my daughter to take control of her own physical and mental well-being and grow into the vibrant 25 year old that she is today.”

“Thank you for all your effort to lovingly serve our daughter and our family. We are deeply thankful for your commitment and your approach to health and well being. You made all the difference in our lives.”

“Our daughter’s work with Jim was responsible for the greatest possible combination of physical and emotional growth we could’ve imagined. Jim’s interpersonal skills allowed him to positively connect with and reshape the future of many struggling teens and ultimately, we thank him every day for saving our daughters life. His ability to help them find their inner strength is remarkable, and his patience with each case remains unparalleled. It was a privilege and a blessing to have him work with and change not only our daughter’s life, but significantly improve our entire family’s relationship.”

“After just six months, our daughter returned calm, comfortable, making FAR better decisions, courteous and accountable.”

“Through activity, focus on fitness and your weekly group and individual sessions, we watched a whole new life unfold for her. To be fair, we didn’t expect the depth and breadth of results we got back when she came home.”

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