Where the result the girls of Gem produce are remarkable!

Unfortunately these type of images are often stolen and used to advertise weight loss drugs and fad diets that are not in any way responsible for the result or affiliated with Gem Academy

To protect and honor the achievements of our students we only share them with prospective families and students in the inquiry process.


Over the history of the program the students have averaged losing 38% of their total weight which has put them very near their health weight range.

As seen in the chart below, the program has been 100% effective, meaning that every girl to attend Gem Academy has seen nearly identical results.

Because of the way the weight is lost at Gem the girls have reported no increase in hunger and, as opposed to other forms of weight management, there is very little loss in Fat Free Mass (FFM). Fat Free Mass is normally muscle, organ tissue and bone. By retaining more FFM, Gem girls are retaining more muscle thus increasing there ability to sustain their loss long term.