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You Know That Gem Is Right For Your Daughter Because…

– You want her to be more involved in life and are excited to find out what she is truly capable of –
– You want her to be in control of her health –
– You want her to have the same opportunities as anyone else her age –
– You see value in her becoming a leader, developing a mission and helping others through her success –

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Who is a typical girl attending Gem Academy?

Adolescent girls, ages 13 to 18, who are 50 pounds (or more) over the top of their healthy weight range (B.M.I. >35)

They may have generally struggled academically, socially, emotionally and at home. Some of our students may have made poor choices in family, peer or other social relationships. Often, these issues have led to a path of confusion, loss of self-esteem and isolation.

While other student may be high achieving academically and socially with clear plans developed for their future. It is the eclectic and diverse make up of our community that is one of the special aspects of Gem.

It is important that students enter Gem willingly, at least marginally curious about themselves and, to some degree, already acknowledging issues that have been in the way of their progress and success.

Gem does not provide primary treatment for addiction, self-harm or some eating disorders.

  • Substance abuse may have been an issue in the past, but students must have established a period of sobriety and be committed to their recovery prior to acceptance. 
  • We accept students who have struggled with suicidal ideation or self-harm in the past, but it is important that the basis for these behaviors had been treated professionally and are in remission.
  • If eating disorders involving over restriction or purging have been diagnosed, primary treatment and a similar commitment to recovery are expected prior to acceptance.

What is the academic requirements?

Our students are of at least average intelligence scholastically , but range upward to bright and gifted. Academic problems should be potentially responsive to tutoring, special accommodations, low student-to-teacher ratios, our minimal-distraction learning environment, comprehensive therapy, general program structure and medications (when applicable).

How long do most students stay?

Length of stay is not fixed, but our minimum stay of 6 months is based on the minimum level of obesity necessary to attend Gem Academy. This also takes into consideration the time necessary to learn, practice and commit to habit the behaviors required to achieve long-term maintenance of the changes the students have worked so hard to achieve.

Gem is designed to help our students remove themselves from harm’s way in regards to weight-related health risks and empower them with a knowledge base and skill set to make them a change agent in their lives and the lives of others. That is our goal for every student and we will work with the family on the best time to transition home.

How do you determine if a student is a good fit?

The Gem Academy leadership team works together to assess a student’s appropriateness by interviewing the student and family, reviewing assessments and reviewing the completed application. Each prospective student is assessed on a case-by-case basis to make the best decision possible.

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If Gem Academy is right for you, we encourage you to contact our Admissions office at 602-402-5739 to speak further with us and to let us answer any questions you may have about our program. We want to ensure you have all of the information you need to make the right decision.

Gem Academy is an ‘open enrollment’ (free to enroll at any time) obesity treatment program designed to treat young ladies from the age of 13 to 18 years old. Please click on the Online Application button below to submit your application. Each student is individually evaluated by our Admissions office to determine eligibility and acceptance into our program.