For Health Professionals

Gem Academy is honored to be the treatment program of choice for pediatricians, therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, endocrinologists, registered dietitians and counselors from across the nation and abroad when a higher level of support is needed for their clients and patients. We understand professionals and families have been frustrated by efforts that haven’t been successful by the time they come to Gem. We strive to eliminate the frustration and work closely with you and the family from the first point of contact through admission to graduation and a successful transition back home and to the student’s continued care with you. Together, we make full remission of their obesity a reality for girls aged 13-18 whose lives and families have been impacted by their struggle.

Immersion Obesity Treatment

Given the complex nature of obesity, it is very important to choose the program best suited for the success of the student. In this case Gem is the most effective program at introducing health management from a whole-person approach. Our talented multidisciplinary team of professionals manages the treatment process and includes a registered dietitian, licensed therapists, certified exercise specialists and caring 24/7 community mentoring staff. This team is devoted to providing exceptional individualized care.

If you have a client or patient in need of a comprehensive program, please call our Admissions Department. Or have a family member, contact us. Our admissions representatives can provide all the information required to make Gem Academy as affordable as possible.

Trauma and Obesity

Our evidence-based treatment approach at Gem Academy is designed to uncover and understand the “whys” of a student’s obesity, with an underlying focus on resolution. While the biological factors are always present, there is a strong presence of trauma in the population we work with at Gem. We implement a trauma-informed treatment approach.

Our goal is your goal: to give each girl the best possible chance for complete remission and to restore balance to her life. At Gem Academy, we are committed to providing the most comprehensive behavior-based obesity treatment in a safe, scenic, and nurturing environment. We will get your client on the road to long term health so that the two of you can complete the journey together.

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For additional information about the Obesity treatment program at Gem Academy or if you would like to visit our campus, please call us at 866-625-7099 today.