The Gem Solution

The Gem Academy Format

Gem Academy of Arizona is a solution based treatment program for overweight and obese adolescent girls. The format is that of a boarding school with a curriculum inclusive of high school general studies, nutrition and culinary, fitness, therapy, community service and experiential learning.

We use the physical transformation as a metaphor and working example of our student’s inherent skills, strengths and abilities that they use to create a greater purpose that permeates all aspects of their life and future. Where science and research drive our methodologies in the areas of physiology and achievement, our passion and commitment for helping the young women we serve achieve beyond their wildest dreams is the true driving force behind Gem.

“We strive to make Gem a sanctuary, incubator and haven for empowerment, growth and wisdom.”


As a core value Gratitude not only touches on
the theme of thanks but also on humility.

Too many times in our life there is hurt or blame that
we take on ourselves and has nothing to do with us.

It’s crucial to have a transcendent purpose,
a mission larger than yourself.