The Gem Solution

We get it. We’ve done this. We can help.

GEM Academy was founded with a simple but critical mission: to help adolescent girls struggling with obesity learn how to manage their weight and health for the rest of their life. How do we accomplish this when all else fails? We are the most comprehensive program available in the world for teens. Our combination of learning, support and practical experience can not be matched in effectiveness in any other format. We know too well that there has never been nor will there ever be a short cut or short-term solution when it comes to obesity. It takes knowledge, practice, slip-ups… yes, we have to stumble to learn how to recover and get back to what we know.

At GEM Academy, we:

  • Utilize the latest scientific and evidence-based approaches to achieve and maintain change
  • Combine our therapeutic approach with the format of a boarding school, so our students don’t fall behind in their schooling
  • Incorporate experiential learning, fitness, therapy, nutrition, and culinary education, tailored for each of our students
  • Offer a long-term solution that doesn’t end when a student leaves Gem. Our commitment to aftercare, support, and mentoring programs enable students to maintain what they learned, even after they’re no longer a student on the Gem Academy campus.
  • Our program founder and staff have extensive experience working with not only students but also the entire family.