The Disease

At Gem we take the same view point as the American Medical Association in classifying obesity as a disease. While there is no cure for obesity because it is a vastly complicated condition that encompasses both internal and external factors, as well as biological and behavioral components, we have interventions that have been proven to effectively manage the condition and maintain a healthy weight.

We use the comprehensive understanding of the contributing factors to obesity to remove undeserved guilt and blame. This allows us to understand the true enemy and design an effective battle plan that will empower our students to do what they are so capable of doing… take control of their health permanently.

Is Weight Something We Inherit?

Potential Contributors To Obesity?

Potential Contributors to Obesity Infographic is provided by The Obesity Society.  The infographic was created by the 2015 TOS Task Force and is intended to:

  • Broaden the conversation about what may contribute to obesity beyond being seen by the general public, policymakers and professional audiences as a condition that is largely determined by inadequate personal behavioral decisions (willpower) over diet and exercise.
  • Depict a wide range of “potential” influences and/or contributors in the development and or maintenance of obesity. One or several may be relevant to any individual.
  • Show a graphic representation of contributors that have been put forth in the research literature as a question of investigation.
  • Offer a fluid tool that evolves with TOS Member input over time (under the guidance of the Task Force).

The infographic is not intended to:

  • Be a verification of whether or not, or the extent to which, each area may or may not contribute to obesity.